WRSC 2017 Day 2 - Station keeping

It sounds like a joke, but for a small boat in a big sea, staying in one place is no simple matter. So for the second challenge, we had to stay as close as possible to a particular GPS coordinate for 5 minutes.

station keeping GPS trace

The green circle above is a 20m radius around the location. You can see our boat tacking against the wind to get there (the zig zag), staying close to it (the tight ball of lines), and then being recovered afterwards (the smooth line away from the marker). The official score was a radius of 6.5m, which we were very pleased with. Last year we only managed about 25m.

We put the boat in for another run, but it didn’t do what we wanted. Maybe it felt that we were ungrateful for its excellent first performance.

All the teams taking part had made valid runs in the first two challenges. Last year, many boats had failed to start the challenges because of the strong current, so it was good to see a more satisfying contest.

The day wrapped up with dinner and a tour at the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket), where (among other things) a handful of calm people in a control room monitor the busy shipping traffic of the Oslofjord.

kystverket control room

We want a control room like that for next year!