What are Dry Land Tests? And Why?

Before launching our boat in water, we decided to run some tests outside, in the open space on Boldrewood campus. During our dry land test this weekend, we will

  • Have a deadline for putting all systems together

  • Get practice for the work flow without the risk of dropping any laptops or other vital electronics in the water

  • Test our firmware: Does it choose the right sail settings?

  • Sail between three GPS coordinates


  • Intermediate step between tests in a small room and on a lake/at sea; we get to ‘sail’ larger distances but nobody has to get wet to save the boat.

  • Sailing: We will have a wind sensor. Two more sailing experienced people will hold the boat: One person will pay attention to the wind vane and show what direction the sail will be pushed to, the other will move the boat as it would move based on the sail position. The software team will monitor the ROS messages, the electronics and build team will make notes what needs improving, what kit we need when we go to a water test and in emergencies they will stand by to fix things.

  • At the end of the day we will set the goals for the next Dry Land Test.