We made the funding! Many thanks to all our supporters!

First of all, thank you:

Alistair Lynn ~*~ Tim Miller

Tobias Schneider ~~ Harry Cutts ~~ Kilian Schillai

Gan Soon Sun ~~ Matt Brown ~~ Fiona Collins  

Arnaud Wiertz ~~ Kerrine Lee ~~ Andy Sprot ~*~ Bob Preston  

Alex Ziang ~~ Lee Yong ~~ Duncan Ross Russell** **

Yu Cao ~~ Alessandro Romano ~~ Simone Provenzano


and all the supporters who chose to remain anonymous.

What a start to our weekend, and all thanks to you! To celebrate, we went to watch some other sailing boats: As a team social we went to watch the round the island race around the Isle of Wight - and started dreaming/planning how a larger sailing robot could participate in it.

Then on Sunday we had our next test day. So now we are finally taking the time to thank you all :) Elisavet has already drawn up a list of the rewards we have to prepare, so we will try to work our way through them in the next weeks - except for the post cards from the competition, those will have to wait until September ;)

We ourselves can’t wait to get some sailing robot stickers and post cards!

[caption id=”attachment_402” align=”aligncenter” width=”428”]Untitled.png With your support we are conjuring up a sailing robot![/caption]