Two things can prevent us from sailing at WRSC2016...

One is completely out of our hand, but the other you can help us prevent! If the weather is not with us, we can have the perfect boat, but it will not sail without sufficient wind. But you all can help us meet our funding goals to make sure we and our boat can be in Portugal for WRSC2016!

Check out our rewards, share our fundraising campaign, watch our funding video and/or contribute to our project. Donations up to £500 will be matched by Southampton Alumni!

All money that we don’t need this year will be used to build an even better boat next year.  And all our work from this year is available, not only for next year’s team: Our boat and advice is available to any student working on a related project, e.g. for their individual project (IP), and our firmware is publicly available on github to everyone.

At this point we’d also like to thank our sponsors who have already pledged their support: Matt Brown, Soon Sun Gan, Simone Provenzano, Kerrine Lee, Alessandro Romano, Lee Kwong Yong, andybs and Alex Ziang - May you always find fair winds and welcoming ports!