Test day 3rd of July

Today on the 3rd of July, we held another water test. The weather today was probably not the most ideal; though it was bright, there was a constant drizzle and less than stellar winds. Nevertheless, we trudge on. Under the shade of umbrellas we worked on tuning our PID code. Unfortunately however, the wind left a lot to be desired. Plus, the wind struggled to find a steady path in life and kept changing its direction, which caused our boat to have an unsteady heading demand, and it barely crept along its path.

Of course we didn’t blame everything on the weather, as we made some errors as well on our end: Whilst we got a lot less unneeded tacking than we did last week, the heading demands from our heading control did not make sense at all times.

something All in all it was a good(-ish) day of testing, and we made good progress, or at least we like to think we did.