Test day 17th of July

The weather today was a much greater improvement from that of our last test! Verily, the weather gods were all “we’re sorry about last time” and blessed us with great sunshine, no rain, and definitely better winds, though still not as great as we hoped for. Not that we’re complaining.

So, we took full advantage our well-deserved IOU. We made a couple changes in our code, in which we:

  • Fixed a couple more mistakes in the heading planner

  • Changed the sail control to that of a lookup table, as the sail was too far out for upwind tacks

And with that, we got some improvements. We reached all our waypoints reliably and, considering the weak wind conditions, surprisingly fast!

[caption id=”attachment_442” align=”alignnone” width=”1600”]da.jpg Sailing robot’s perspective at its human operators[/caption]