Team Meeting 24th November 2016

During our most recent team meeting (held at Boldrewood) we discussed our ‘physical’ plans for the boats. Various issues were discussed, mainly centered around waterproofing.

Running wires up the outside of the mast worked last year, however we discussed the possibility  of running the wires through the mast, either boring a hole through the current one, or making a new mast from affordable carbon-fibre tube.

We faced problems tacking last year, despite several coding improvements that could be made, we felt more should be done to improve maneuverability. This opened the discussion to the importance of weight minimisation and (perhaps more importantly) distribution.

We also discussed more robust and reliable waterproofing solutions. Ideas included creating an entirely dry enclosure using waterproof glue (used in dry suit repair), using low density blue foam to slow water penetration or perhaps  relying on strategically placed air bags to provide up-thrust. Crucially however, putting much of the electronics in an easy access waterproof box (similar to a Tupperware container) would be a great way of combining reliability with feasibility.

We took a look at the 2nd (blue) hull. We discussed how we would implement the deck, what materials we could use, and exactly how we could fit all the necessary components inside, and how to ensure nothing got too wet!