Science Day, 12.3.16

On Saturday, our team had a stand in the Science and Engineering Day.Over 5000 people registered for the event, so it was a very busy and long day, but we had a lot of fun! Many people were interested in our work and even more kids enjoyed themselves splashing around in our small water tank.


The kids were told to design their own sail, attach it to a boat of their choice and then race against their friends. Kids were trying to optimize their sail by considering changing its shape or its size, some even tried to rebuild sail shapes they had seen on racing boats before. When they finally got it right, we gave them a smile and a catchy phrase “And that kids was engineering!”.


We also found an easy to learn online tacking simulation that could be tried at our stand. It was basically a game where people competed against the computer. Two boats had to reach the finish line by using tacking, a technique necessary for the boat to go against the wind. Check out the simulation here!


Apart from these activities, our team demonstrated the boat design and visitors could have a go at  remote controlling of MacGyver.

Our team members were easy to spot: All the team was dressed up as pirates - but when we were asked to say pirate jokes we failed dramatically. If you asked us now, I think  we can all say “Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of RAM!”. Got it?

We also got the chance to have a look around in the new towing tank and broaden our knowledge. Hydro team had a great vessel stability activity and the wave powered vessel (FLEUR) looked majestic!

Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. It was definitely an interesting and educational experience!

Hope to see you at the next open day!