Sailing Robot Extravaganza Part I

Don’t forget, introduction meeting’s tomorrow evening (page link as a little reminder ;): FaceBook Event)

Before that though, let me tell you about our all-original two-part Sailing Robot Extravaganza Series!

For Part I, we’ll gather next Thursday, 27th October in the Design Studio in Building 177 (aka B177/3011) at Boldrewood, from 6 - 8 p.m. Part II’s going to be the Thursday after, same time and place. (Hope you can see a trend here, with the meetings on Thursday evenings in the Design Studio and such)

In this series, we’ll be setting you various challenges to let you know about our activities. You’ll get a go at the many facets of working on a sailing robot, and get a feel on what you’d like to work on.

Plus, weather permitting, we’ll head off to the waters, and you’ll get to experience remote-controlling the Black Python!

Check out the event page for Parts I and II right below:

Hope you can make it for both!