Sailing Robot team present at Portsmouth linux user group

Today, our team members went to Portsmouth Linux user group meeting and presented our project there.

A huge collection of USB stick

In our project, we use a wide set of open-source tools including Robot Operating System, Python programming language, git version control system, GitHub online code hosting system and Linux. It is a good chance to share our story with Linux enthusiasts and get some practical advice from them.

Win98 Floppy disk

Portsmouth Linux user group has monthly meetings to share information about Linux and other open-source projects. The group is very welcoming and they had lots of questions on our boat.


We got some interesting questions asked by the group:

Q: What is Robotics Operating System and does itself is a computer operating system? A: Robotics Operating System is a general robotics framework built on top of linux. It allows you to separate your code into nodes which send each other messages on topics. It also has a huge collection of tools to develop, monitor and debug your robot.

Q: If wind comes from the back why we want jibe instead of free running? A: Sailing directly down wind is less efficient because the force is predominantly drag. Zig zag motion takes advantage of aerodynamic lift to make the boat go faster. We haven’t implemented this on our boat however.

New toy