Sailing Robot 2018 - New team leader looking for new team members!

We are happy to announce that the sailing robot team has unanimously chosen the new team leader for this year: Sebastien! Some might remember our team member from 2016, when he was an intern in Southampton. Over the last year he kept supporting us from France, he even made short videos about our competition days whilst we were still in Horten. This year he is back in Southampton and will take his experience to lead the sailing robot team for 2018.

Now we can turn matters even more important than the team leader, who will join the sailing robot team this year to help debugging some of the weird issues we had at the competition? Who will help us improve the sailing capability and reliability of the black python? Who wants to construct a new, smaller - or larger? - boat this year? With whom will we travel to the sailing robot competition 2018?

Join us on the 17th of October, 5:30 pm. We meet on Boldrewood campus, building 176, room 1125. After this day, our meetings will continue Tuesdays at the same time. If you are not a University of Southampton student, or unsure if your student ID will give you access to the building: On the 17th of October a sailing robot team member will be at the entrance to let you in. If you cannot make that day, or you might not be on time, please send an email to so we can make sure you can get in and find us.