All the blinking lights

We were so focused on our tests last Wednesday, that we completely forgot about time and ended up testing until almost 11 pm. We took our Landyacht MacGyver out on Boldrewood campus, filled with not one but two Raspberry Pi. We were working in two groups, testing the heading control and the GPS accuracy.

Whilst our Landyacht may look a bit unconventional for a sailing boat, it had many advantages: We can easily carry it around and push it over the lawn whilst varying its heading and position. We can stand right next to it, whilst monitoring it and manually manipulating its sensors. This makes debugging a lot easier, for example it allowed us to find a sign error in the compass node which at first was only visible to us as an unreasonable tacking demand. Without having to go to a lake or relying on the wind, we can also test at any time. As a result we got to enjoy all the blinking LEDs on our electronic boards until late into the night… hi

Help us meet our funding goals to make sure we and our boat can be in Portugal for WRSC2016!

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Funding that we don’t need this year will be used to build an even better boat next year.  All our work from this year is available, not only for next year’s team: Our boat and advice is available to any student working on a related project, e.g. for their individual project (IP), and our firmware is publicly available on github to everyone.

Many thanks to everyone who already pledged support: Alistair Lynn, Matt Brown, Soon Sun Gan, Simone Provenzano, Kerrine Lee, Alessandro Romano, Lee Kwong Yong, andybs and Alex Ziang


Vielen Dank! Merci beaucoup! 谢谢 !