A Word of Thanks

With all the celebrations (and organisational tasks for the immediate future of the society) done and dusted, we feel it is high time we wrote a little token of thanks for three parties who played a significant role in our path to success.

First of all, a warm thank you to Nigel Brown, founder of family-owned sailmaking company CatSails. Nigel, who (bravely!) believed in our project, supported us with providing not just a No. 2 suit of sails, but also a bona fide ‘golf box’ for the Black Python to rest in in plane flights and over trips between the hotel and the competition site. The box was even replete with specially-shaped foam padding for levels of comfort fit for a king (boat).

Such a thing of beauty.

Second up, SailsEtc. A small but very well-known company in the field of RC sailing equipment, they gifted us a No. 3 suit of sails. Initially we weren’t even sure if we needed such a small set at all, but we were soon proven wrong. Without these sails, our boat would not have been the only one in its class to successfully sail in all weather conditions throughout the course of the competition. This was especially true on the very final day.

Truly a magnificent product.

Last but not least, a huge, warm thanks to Lester Gilbert, one of the world-leading experts in RC sailing boats (who’s conveniently disguised as a professor of e-learning at the University). Lester spontaneously offered his help since the very beginning of our project. From giving us a lecture on RC sailing (which really differs from “full-sized” sailing), to helping us on all technical issues and doubts we had throughout development, and providing us with a healthy amount of his personal RC sailing hardware to work with, he definitely was instrumental in our journey. Oh, and you can find him here http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/people/lg3

If it wasn’t for all of them, we wouldn’t have been at the top of the podium. This is why, with this post, we would like to say thank you, and consider them a part of our team.