WRSC 2018 in Southampton

Every year the World Robotic Championship is held in a different place, after traveling to Portugal in 2016 and Norway in 2017, this year we won’t have to flight to get to the competition location. Indeed, we are very proud to hold it in Southampton!

The actual competition will take place in Calshot Spit, it is sea water but protected from the solent and with a nice view on the Isle of Wight and Southampton water.

Calshot with a view on the Isle of Wight

Calshot Spit with a view on the Isle of Wight

Being the organising team and participating in the competition is a tricky position, that’s why we are also making sure the organising team and the sailing robot one are kept separate as much as possible. Sophia is the main event organiser (WRSC, IRSC) and she is not working on the sailing robot this year.

We are now looking forward to welcome teams from all around the world. And if you want to know more about the event you can visit the official website.