Getting ready for the WRSC 2019, held in China

The World Robotic Sailing Championship 2019 is coming soon. Last year the event was held in Southampton but this year a larger journey awaits the Southampton Sailing Robot Team, as the event is held at Dongqian Lake, Ningbo, China, between the 25th and 29th of August. This year the team is sending three members to the competition (Yacine, Christopher and Umberto) who will also participate in The International Robotic Sailing Conference (IRSC), on 30th of August at the same venue.

Before leaving for the event, the team is preparing and improving the boat in order to defend the title of ‘Micro Sailboat’ champions. Southampton Sailing Robot Team has been winning this competition since 2016, first in Portugal, then in Norway and finally last year in England, as the hosts of the event.

The main tasks at hand for the team are: redoing the wiring, painting, improving the seals and making a new wind vane. An important side of the preparation is also to research into the possible failures, to be able to fix them in a short time in case they occur during the competition.

More updates coming soon!

Boat image 1 View of the entire boat

Boat image 2 New wind vane

Boat image 3 Top view of boat

Boat image 4 New painting on the boat